2018: Bad Start, Good Finish?

I began 2018 in a hotel in Shanghai. At the hotel, I booked a New Year’s eve party. But I booked the wrong party. My husband and I sat in silence as the new year rolled in. (The hotel’s party was taking place some 30 floors below us.)

Somehow, the year got worse and worse. A sheer endless string of migraines, each one lasting 3-4 weeks. Then in July I landed in the Stroke Unit of the local hospital. My neighbor found me on the stairs and called the ambulance. I had lost all my short-term memory.

Brain is back now, about 95%, but neurologist says it can happen again… Big upset in future planning…

Then, in late September, I got great news about my writing… which I will share with you in November. Cross your fingers with me — that 2018 will continue its upward curve. And I promise to do the same for you!