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My First solo Reading 2019

Looking forward to my first solo reading! At Sebastian’s trending gelati salon (he makes his own ice cream, à l’italienne!). Sponsored by the local writers’ association. Yay!


Schwäbischer Literaturpreis 2018

My story “Papyrus and Tatami” (in German) has been honored with the Swabian Literature Prize on the theme of ‘beauty’. The prize is awarded on 27 November in Augsburg. A reading and interview the following day in the Sensemble Theater Augsburg. I am very happy.

First result of new painting course

In January 2018, I began a painting class. Last week, I finished my first work: a text with 6 images and weblinks. For more, click on the picture at right.

Im Januar 2018 habe ich einen Malkurs begonnen. Letzte Woche habe ich meine erste Aufgabe fertig gestellt. Um mehr zu erfahren, klicke auf das Bild links.


Helping others Tell Their Story

Along with millions of others in 2015, I watched as unbearable human waves marched across the Balkan refugee route. Along with millions of others, I decided I had to help. In May 2016, the refugees reached my neighborhood in Germany, and the group of translators I helped organize went to work. That beginning took me on a journey with our new dwellers that continues today. One project, to help refugees find a voice, has borne fruit. Duaa Sheikh Qatana was one of the first refugees to arrive and, at 16, one of the most gifted linguistically. My translator, Dr. Dorothee Leidig, and I helped Duaa shape her story, and editor Artur Nickel selected her story for inclusion in the anthology pictured here. Congratulations, Duaa, and thank you for your inspiration.

"Das Herz hat das Recht, mehr als der Verstand, zu vergessen" ["The Heart, More Than the Intellect, Has the Right to Forget"] von Duaa SHEIKH QATANA in: Von Fluchten und Wiederfluchten, Artur Nickel (Hrsg.). Geest-Verlag, Vechta-Langförden 2017. 

ISBN 978-3-86685-631-8


Erste Veröffentlichung !

“Es war so...” in: Kindheit. Literaturpreis des Bezirks Schwaben 2016. Wißner-Verlag. ISBN 978-3957861030


Dann Gleich ein zweiter Preis !

“Der Philosoph und der Kimono” in: Andere Liebe. Ein Kopfkissenbuch. Autorenhaus Verlag. ISBN 978-3866711365